Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Florida


Since 1951, West Floridians have relied on the heating and cooling experts at Bradenton’s Unique Services to keep them comfortable. We’re committed to keeping your systems for heating and cooling in Bradenton, FL, running smoothly, no matter what time of the year it is. From air conditioning installations and repairs, maintenance, and coil cleaning to furnace and thermostat installations, repairs, and replacements, our skilled home service technicians provide fast, friendly service for all your heating and cooling needs.



During the scorching summer months in the West Florida heat, a properly functioning air conditioner is a must-have to keep you and your family cool. Air conditioning also helps keep your indoor air free of dust, providing everyone with clean air, as well as relief from many allergy and asthma symptoms. During the colder months, you rely on your heating system to keep your family warm. Hiring Unique Services for professional HVAC maintenance ensures your systems for heating and cooling in Bradenton continue to operate efficiently. Here are some warning signs that it may be time for you to call one of our HVAC technicians to take a look at your heating and air conditioning in the Bradenton area:

  • Increased Energy Bills - Increasing energy bills are your first warning that your HVAC system is working too hard and burning too much energy. You may need a repair, or it could be time for a replacement to a more energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner.
  • Unusual Odors or Noises - Have you noticed a burning odor or unusual noises whenever your unit cycles on and off? Don't ignore it, as it could indicate an electrical issue that could lead to a fire if you're not careful.
  • Weak System Output - If your system isn't producing consistent hot or cold air the way it used to, you could have anything from a clogged fan to a loose fan belt or dead motor. It's better to be safe than sorry and have our HVAC repair experts take a look at it!
  • Moisture - You should not see any signs of condensation on your heating or cooling unit. If moisture is present, you could have leaky ductwork or broken parts. You should turn it off immediately and call 941-487-2625 to schedule a service appointment with our local HVAC experts!


Maintaining your air conditioning and heating system keeps both systems running efficiently year-round.

When your air conditioning and heating systems are working at their best, you'll experience improved comfort and savings on your energy bill. Whether you'd like to increase the efficiency of your current system or choose a new one, we're ready to assist you. Our regular HVAC system maintenance services can even help your air conditioner last longer than the average eight-year lifespan we see in the Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida areas.


Semi-annual checkups of your systems for heating and cooling in Fort Myers, FL, ensure they continue to run smoothly, giving you the peace of mind you always wanted when it comes to your HVAC systems. We offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum service agreements to fit all our customers' needs. Our maintenance agreements also include priority dispatching and discounts on repairs, so that you can get cool quickly and affordably. For more information, please call us at 941-487-2625 or review our Service Plans.

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Nest Installation: The Latest in HVAC Smart Home Technology

As one of the leading heating and cooling companies in Bradenton, FL and a Nest Pro Elite install partner, we're proud to offer the latest in HVAC and smart home technology. Nest is a product line that is revolutionizing how you interact with your home. These thoughtful devices make it easier than ever to set your thermostat, monitor your home when you're away, and protect your home with intelligent carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Learn more about Nest thermostats, security cameras, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Count on Unique Services for HVAC Repair, Installation, & More

When you need HVAC repair, installation or AC repair in Bradenton or surrounding areas of West Florida, don't hesitate to call Unique Services. Fort Myers heating and cooling system maintenance is best left to experienced HVAC service technicians to avoid future safety and warranty issues. Having your system regularly serviced should mean fewer repairs and unscheduled replacements in your future. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance agreements or to schedule an appointment for heating and cooling services in Bradenton!