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Residents soon discover that Florida happens to be situated in the extreme southern area of the humid subtropical climate zone of the northern hemisphere. This is what accounts for the prolonged, high humidity that Floridians experience each summer.

At Unique Services, we know all too well the damaging effects a humid climate can have on our customers’ HVAC systems. The additional moisture in Florida’s atmosphere causes the air to be warmer. This makes your cooling system operate less efficiently, leading it to run more often than it normally would need to keep your family comfortable during the summer.

One consequence is that your utility bills will increase because the system is working harder. What’s more, the HVAC equipment experiences additional wear and tear, requiring frequent service calls from our certified and trained technicians.

To avoid such problems, you’ll want to contact Unique Services to schedule regular maintenance of your HVAC system. During each visit, we will inspect the equipment and replace parts as needed. This keeps the system from growing worse and more expensive to fix.

Fort Myers and Bradenton are situated on the Gulf of Mexico. Here, the air has large concentrations of salt particles (a natural consequence of living near the ocean). Salty air poses a risk to HVAC equipment. It can severely corrode the aluminum condenser coils.

If your HVAC system isn’t regularly inspected, maintained, and cleaned, the metal will eventually be diminished through corrosion. Under such circumstances, the equipment will struggle to transfer heat effectively.

Besides the fierce humidity that oppresses Florida homeowners, we also must contend with extremely hot summers. It can range from 86 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit in the aptly named Sunshine State. A problem with high heat in summertime is that it can cause damage to your HVAC equipment because it forces the compressor to work harder than usual.

As a result, pressure tends to increase inside the refrigerant lines. The system may also experience a reduction in airflow, which complicates matters further by heating up the compressor’s lubricating oil. Unfortunately, this can result in the compressor seizing up, sometimes to the point that your air conditioner stops functioning.

Because of the potential for such issues, prudent homeowners will pay close attention to the sounds their HVAC system makes and remain aware of the temperature inside and outside the home. At the first sign of distress in your heating and cooling equipment, contact Unique Services to take a look.


Should you fix your HVAC system, or is it time to replace it?

As a rule of thumb, if your HVAC system is more than 15 to 20 years old, it is getting close to the average lifecycle of such equipment and it is most likely time to replace it.

The main signs you need a new heating and cooling system installed include:

  • Frequently malfunctioning HVAC equipment
  • Decreased efficiency (with higher utility bills resulting)
  • Strange noises, such as banging or screeching sounds
  • Diminished indoor air quality
  • Uneven temperature in different parts of the house

Get in touch with the team at Unique Services as soon as possible if your HVAC system is experiencing any of these problems. A professional technician will give your unit a complete inspection, figuring out what the problem is and then coming up with a solution for repairs or replacement.


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