Unique Services is the preferred provider of heating and furnace maintenance services here in Florida. We're proud of the reputation we've earned for offering heating maintenance Fort Myers homeowners can rely on. The trained, certified technicians at Unique Services are focused on excellent heating maintenance service, delivered efficiently. Our goal is to keep your company or dwelling safe and comfortable.

When the temperature drops in the Sunshine State, your family needs a dependable heating and furnace system. Contact Unique Services for emergency repairs as well as annual inspections, cleaning, and maintenance.

Unique Services' technicians are familiar with all major manufacturers and models of furnace systems, such as:

  • Oil-fired furnaces
  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces

Our furnace maintenance company follows industry best practices. Each technician carries the appropriate equipment and parts in their service vehicles to determine what's wrong with your system and fix or replace any damaged components. Our goal is to finish the job efficiently and without delay, so your family can get back to your routine.

You can depend on Unique Services to respect your time, striving to book an appointment for furnace maintenance service that fits your busy schedule. And on the day of your appointment, we'll do our best to arrive on time. That's part of our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service.

If your system is older and no longer working as efficiently as when first installed, we'll advise you on your best options for replacement. You can rest assured our experienced professionals will install the new heating and furnace equipment properly and efficiently.

Are you looking to be more energy-efficient? You can also count on Unique Services for energy-efficient furnaces and heaters, which work more efficiently to save on power bills. Our experts will advise you on keeping your home or place of work warm and cozy, with better energy savings. You and your family can "go green" and reduce your carbon footprint with a more efficient system.


Efficiency and reliability are absolute necessities for the heating and furnace systems that keep homes and businesses warm in Florida. For this reason, we pledge to deliver expert, affordable service to each customer. We take seriously our reputation for excellent customer service. You can count on Unique Services to go the extra mile to maintain your furnace.

We're here to provide:

  • Routine furnace maintenance
  • New furnace installations
  • Emergency furnace repairs

We have the skills and experience to keep your furnace running dependably throughout the year. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment!


When do I need to schedule heating system service?

Call us for service at least once annually. With regular maintenance, you can keep the equipment functioning longer and ward off premature malfunctions.

How do you know when your heater needs to be fixed?

  • Weird noises
  • Higher utility bills
  • Heating is uneven
  • Airflow is reduced

Call Unique Services if you detect any of these symptoms, so we can examine your furnace.

If my furnace appears to be working properly, is it okay to skip maintenance this year?

Ideally, you’ll schedule maintenance annually, without exception. Ongoing maintenance allows us to fine-tune the system for greater efficiency. Maintaining your heater also helps it run more efficiently, which saves on power bills.

Can I maintain my heating system myself?

Only professionals should work on furnaces and heating systems because we have the right tools, knowledge, and training to keep your equipment running correctly, safely, and with maximum efficiency. As an untrained amateur, you pose a safety risk to yourself and your property, and the mistakes could lead to more costly repairs.

Can homeowners replace furnace filters?

Technically, yes. But ideally, call us to have a professional replace your furnace filter. We’ll inspect the system for any problems, and verify the filter is the right type and size before installation.

How long can we expect the furnace to operate?

The time frame depends on many variables, from manufacturer and model to the quality of the installation job and whether the owner maintained the system. Annual maintenance can reduce mechanical problems and keep the system running longer.

What happens during regular furnace maintenance?

With routine maintenance, a Unique Services technician checks out and cleans your furnace system, including the filters and ducts. They replace items and make repairs as needed.

What does it cost to maintain a heating system?

Furnace and heating system maintenance costs will depend on how extensive the services are, and the type and size of the equipment. We’ll gladly give you an estimate before work commences.

What are the main errors people make with do-it-yourself furnace maintenance?

  • Doing repairs without the right tools or training
  • Putting in the wrong filter size or type
  • Not cleaning the system correctly

Mistakes such as these can result in safety issues as well as expensive repair jobs.

Should we consider getting a high-efficiency heating system?

A high-efficiency heating system can help to lower your power bills each month. A Unique Services expert will assist you in picking the most appropriate system for what you want to spend.

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