Since opening for business in 1951, Unique Services has been proud of our reputation for providing the best HVAC maintenance Fort Myers, FL, has to offer. We are the preferred source for electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation repairs and maintenance services in the Sunshine State. We deploy a workforce of 150 professionals with state-of-the-art service vehicles to ensure we deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. You can count on us for prompt, courteous service from the moment you contact us until the work is done.

Unique Services is honored to have received the Lennox Customer Satisfaction Award and Sarasota Chamber Customer Excellence Award recognizing our focus on outstanding service. You can depend on our staff to bring you excellent craftsmanship, so your house or workplace will remain comfortable and safe every season. To schedule plumbing, electrical and HVAC service in the greater Sarasota and neighboring communities, call us today!

The HVAC system your family depends on to stay cool during summer and warm in winter requires ongoing preventive maintenance. It's not a job to attempt on your own. DIY homeowners lacking advanced training and certification can make mistakes that further damage the HVAC equipment. You could injure yourself or loved ones if you don't know what you're doing with the complex components and live electrical lines

Unique Services' experts are extensively trained, licensed and certified to handle all HAVC services. We're adept at diagnosing what's gone wrong with equipment and carry all needed tools and gear in our service vehicles to do the job efficiently. In addition to inspections, cleaning and maintenance, we locate leaks (which can sicken or injure your family) and fix them on the spot.

You'll be glad to know our HVAC professionals are licensed and insured. You will be protected if any damage happens when we are maintaining the system, and we will not charge for repairs under such circumstances (which are rare).

Think of hiring the professionals at Unique Services as an investment in your HVAC equipment to keep it running at peak performance throughout its service life. Ongoing maintenance helps keep repair costs down, which delays the time the system needs to be replaced.


Unfortunately, despite the state's beauty, Florida's subtropical climate damages heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With thunderstorms hitting the area, in combination with summers that tend to be humid and hot, expect your HVAC components to wear out earlier than in areas with more moderate climates.

Excessive humidity helps mildew and mold develop, which damages HVAC equipment, making it operate inefficiently. As Florida's thunderstorms often cause blackouts, power disruptions can break electronics inside the HVAC system.

Prudent homeowners hire HVAC maintenance service experts from Unique Services to watch over their system so that it works efficiently. With ongoing maintenance, our technicians detect little problems before they would become more expensive to fix or replace.

Unique Services' experts are adept at determining whether your equipment works harder than necessary to deliver the heating and cooling your family requires. Then, we can offer recommendations for a tune-up.

If you don't take Florida's hot and muggy climate into account, you risk seeing higher power bills and more expensive HVAC repair jobs. If you schedule annual maintenance with our certified professionals, we can help prolong the working life of your system, so it will deliver reliable service far into the future.


I'm a DIY-er. Do I need to hire an expert, or can I do the job myself?

Homeowners can do some maintenance chores, such as removing twigs and leaves from the outside unit or changing air filters per the manufacturer's instructions, but complex and dangerous HVAC equipment requires a seasoned professional who is certified and carries all needed tools.

Why is HVAC maintenance crucial?

When correctly maintained, your HVAC system will work optimally so the components last longer. Furthermore, utility bills decrease when the system runs efficiently.

Can you explain HVAC maintenance?

HVAC, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment must undergo regular, thorough inspections and service to keep it in good working order, which you achieve through routine maintenance.

When do we need to schedule maintenance?

Call us to schedule service at least once annually. We recommend you call during springtime to prepare the AC for summer, or during autumn to help keep the home warm during winter. That way, your family won't get caught off-guard with a broken HVAC system when you need it most.

Why is it better to work with an HVAC professional?

A certified HVAC technician knows how to inspect and clean the equipment, while amateurs might miss subtle signs that require repairs, which are cheaper to address sooner rather than later. Unique Services professionals can verify your equipment is working at peak efficiency, so it lasts longer. That's crucial for keeping power bills low.

What is the anticipated cost to tune up an HVAC system?

The exact price depends on how much maintenance is required, as well as equipment size. Our certified HVAC experts will check your home's system and provide an estimate. Remember that annual maintenance helps keep repair costs as low as possible, for longer operational life of the system.

What occurs during HVAC maintenance?

Unique Services technicians check the refrigerant level, make sure moving parts are lubricated, clean and inspect components and verify they work efficiently.

What's the typical amount of time for service calls on HVAC systems?

Just how long it will take depends on how big your system is and how much maintenance is needed (when was the last inspection?). As a rule of thumb, budget one to three hours for service.

Can HVAC maintenance boost safety?

Annual maintenance is essential for discovering safety issues such as carbon monoxide or gas leaks, or problematic electrical components. Schedule regular service to keep your family safer.

Can I reduce power bills thanks to HVAC maintenance?

HVAC equipment should run more efficiently after maintenance. You'll save on power bills because the system won't need as much power to keep you comfortable.

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