Are you searching for a dependable heating, ventilation and air conditioning company for your Tampa, Florida home or business? You've come to the right place! Unique Services is known for being an HVAC company Tampa, FL, homeowners can rely on. We've offered electrical, plumbing and HVAC residential and commercial services for more than 70 years in the greater Tampa area, and we look forward to serving you.

The HVAC repair service experts at Unique Services are devoted to delivering top-level customer service. Each technician has the experience, training and knowledge to do the job correctly, within the timeframe and budget you approve. We provide air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services. Our team carries state-of-the-art equipment for excellent HVAC work.

Because Unique Services is a family-owned and -operated heating and cooling company, we know how crucial it is for your office or home to be safe and comfortable, so we offer emergency services to get your system running with minimal delay.

Our AC repair company is honored by the many awards bestowed on us, including the Lennox Customer Satisfaction Award and the Sarasota Chamber Customer Excellence Award. You can count on us for dependable HVAC service. Call today to request service for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. You'll see the benefits of hiring a business that prioritizes customer satisfaction!


The do-it-yourself mindset is admirable, but HVAC installation, repairs or replacement jobs require years of training and experience. If you're not HVAC-certified, you risk damaging expensive components. This is not a good way to avoid paying for service, since you'll pay more for an expert to repair damage you caused.

Benefits of hiring HVAC professionals instead of attempting a DIY job include:

  • Complicated HVAC systems should be worked on by knowledgeable professionals because of risks of injury or death.
  • You could damage the system, necessitating replacement or repairs.
  • You might void the manufacturer warranty with a DIY installation job.
  • Certified air conditioning service experts from Unique Services carry all necessary parts and tools in their service vehicles. Homeowners typically must visit the hardware store for tools midway through work, causing expensive delays.
  • You can rely on our professional judgment and industry knowledge to help you select a new HVAC system that's energy-efficient to meet your budget. Efficiency translates to lower utility bills.
  • Hiring us for annual maintenance means your system should work more efficiently and smoothly. Our technicians detect problems when they are still small and less expensive to fix. A well-maintained system can give you added years of service.

Avoid the DIY approach and contact Unique Services today to set up an appointment for HVAC service. You'll feel relief when you see experts are devoted to keeping the equipment in tip-top shape!


With thunderstorms often raging, and spikes in temperature and humidity occurring during summer, Tampa's climate can have a negative effect on the HAVC equipment your family relies on.

Severe thunderstorms lead to electrical blackouts and power surges that can harm HVAC equipment. High humidity prompts mildew and mold to grow, which produces unwanted smells, and makes the system run less efficiently.

During winter, debris piles up outside, which hampers the operation of your HVAC setup.

You can avoid these pitfalls while helping the HVAC equipment operate well into the future, as long as you hire HVAC professionals. We do everything, from annual AC maintenance service and inspections to cleaning and repairs. Our knowledgeable technicians are adept at finding problems early, when they're less expensive and easier to handle. We'll consult with you on protecting the system from pests and damage from winter storms.

Preventive maintenance and inspections allow HVAC equipment to work better and at a lower cost (because of efficiency lowering power bills). Ongoing service helps the system keep your family safe and comfortable during inclement weather.


What are the most typical HVAC situations requiring repairs?

  • Broken motor or fan
  • Clogged filters
  • Leaking refrigeran
  • Malfunctioning thermostat

What are the characteristics of a good HVAC company?

Select a service provider with an excellent reputation, backed up with certified, experienced technicians who carry insurance. Request referrals and read online reviews.

What are the benefits of ongoing HVAC maintenance?

  • Lower energy bills
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Equipment lasts longer
  • Better performance

How frequently do I need to arrange for HVAC services?

We suggest you schedule service annually. Regular maintenance helps avoid expensive malfunctions, boosts efficiency and lengthens HVAC service life.

Why not do it myself instead of hiring HVAC professionals to install, repair or replace my system?

The DIY spirit is admirable, but not always appropriate for major homeowner tasks. Our HVAC service professionals carry the right tools in their service vehicles, while amateurs often discover they have to stop working to run to the store to buy equipment or parts.

Trained HVAC experts work safely and efficiently. Novices lacking certification can damage the system further, meaning they must pay more when they finally hire professionals to clean up the mess. There are also safety issues to consider when working with complex HVAC equipment and live power lines.

How does maintaining the HVAC system reduce utility bills?

Maintenance can boost efficiency, which leads to decreased power demand.

What does it cost to fix or replace an HVAC system?

Costs vary according to labor requirements, how many repairs are required, and what kind of system you need fixed or will install. We'll give you a customized estimate before commencing work.

What is the expected lifespan of an HVAC system?

The answer depends on how good of a job the installers did, how often the system has been maintained and the equipment quality. Generally, systems can provide heating and cooling for 10 to 15 years.

What are indications I need to replace the HVAC system instead of continuing repairs?

  • Higher utility bills
  • System is aged 10-15 years or more
  • Equipment keeps breaking down
  • Home experiences uneven heating and cooling from room to room

How much time does HVAC replacement or installation require?

Your home's size and the installation or repair job's complexity influence how long the job will take. A Unique Services technician will provide an estimate after inspecting your home.

Do licensed HVAC professionals offer better reliability and efficiency?

To be licensed, HVAC service providers undergo thorough training and testing and should have plenty of experience. They follow industry best practices and know local regulations. Rest assured that the work will be done efficiently and properly.

When should I schedule service?

If you use your system more during winter, contact us in autumn. Homeowners using HVAC equipment more during summer should call us during springtime for service.

Why should we hire an expert plumber?

Plumbers with professional training possess the experience and skills to take care of the entire gamut of plumbing system problems, including significant repairs to the pipes or taking care of a dripping faucet. Our team carries the right equipment and gear in our service vehicles to take care of any plumbing issue. After we finish working, we'll be happy to advise you on keeping the problems from occurring again.


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