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At Unique Services, we offer HVAC service and plumbing Port Charlotte, FL, residents can rely on. Since opening our doors for business many years ago, our professionals have been offering outstanding plumbing and heating and cooling repair services as well as installations.

We make a point of providing prompt, professional service without delay, since AC, heating, and plumbing problems can be a major cause of inconvenience and stress.

Our detail-oriented professionals go the extra mile to do the job correctly and efficiently, thanks to their advanced industry knowledge and experience. We handle it all, from small repairs to major installations, along with maintenance and consultations.

The safety and comfort of your family or workers depends on having reliable plumbing and HVAC systems. To that end, Unique Services provides:

  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

We'll work with your budget and timeframe!

Unique Services has earned a stellar reputation in the industry, in part by cultivating long-lasting relationships with our loyal customers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We back up the work we do with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Whether you require plumbing or air conditioning repair Port Charlotte homeowners trust, you'll be in good hands with Unique Services. Call us today to set an appointment for service. You'll be glad you did!

The Impact of Port Charlotte's Climate on Plumbing and Heating Systems

Port Charlotte has a humid and hot climate, which, along with thunderstorms, can wreak havoc on your plumbing and HVAC equipment.

An increase in humidity can cause mold to grow, while putting a higher load on your AC, which already works hard during the 107.9 days each year when the temperature climbs above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thunderstorms often strike the area, with potential floods and damage occurring in homeowners' plumbing.

Because of the toll Port Charlotte's climate has on HVAC and plumbing, it's essential that you hire experts, such as the team at Unique Services. We'll take care of installations, maintenance, and repairs to address the local weather conditions. Avoid taking the DIY path, since amateur errors can lead to costly repair jobs.

Unique Services Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

When do we need you to service our water heater?

Call us to service your water heater once every year, to verify it's working optimally and to fix problems while they are still small and easier to deal with.

What makes the AC run all the time?

The AC might be working inefficiently because of a filter clog or other problem that one of our professionals will determine and then make a repair recommendation.

When do I need to swap out the AC filter?

Change filters according to the manufacturer's instructions, such as every month or two. We'll be happy to help you devise a schedule that's best for your family.

What is causing my AC to blow warm air now?

The system might be low on refrigerant, or the problem could stem from a broken compressor. Call us today to have an air conditioning repair professional check your AC, make a repair plan, and then fix it!

What makes my AC freeze up?

An air conditioner might freeze up when there are problems with airflow or refrigerant. Do not try a DIY fix. Diagnosing and fixing a frozen system requires expert air conditioning contractors.

What can I do to boost AC efficiency?

Schedule annual maintenance with Unique Services, which offers air conditioning Port Charlotte can depend on. You can also consider upgrading to a system that's more efficient, which we'll consult with you about on request.

In winter, what do I need to do to keep pipes from getting frozen?

Seal up gaps in your home and install more insulation to keep pipes from getting frozen.

What do I need to do when pipes burst?

Shut off the water immediately, and then call Unique Services for help. If you delay taking care of this problem, there could be additional damage or costlier repair work.

What's the reason for low water pressure in my abode?

The pressure regulator could be acting up. Another possibility is that a pipe has become clogged. Get in touch with Unique Services to check out the situation as soon as possible.

What will help prevent drains from clogging?

We recommend that you use a strainer to catch hair in the bathtub/shower. Avoid pouring grease down drains.

What does professional plumbing repair cost?

The cost to fix a plumbing system depends on the complexity of the job and how severe the damage is. We will give you a customized estimate for your peace of mind.

What are signs of a pipe leak?

Unusual spikes in the water bill
Water stains
Musty smells

We'll figure out what went wrong and then fix your pipes.

What is the first thing to do if sewage backs up in my house?

Contact Unique Services immediately. We will figure out what caused the backup and make the needed repairs. Avoid delaying plumbing fixes, because the problem can grow even worse, causing bad odors, property damage, and health issues.

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