Bonita Springs HVAC & Plumbing

The professionals at Unique Services know you need a home that keeps your family safe and comfortable as efficiently as possible.

Your HVAC equipment must provide reliable service in every season, and your plumbing needs to function flawlessly, without wasting water. Unique Services is standing by, providing plumbing service and heating and cooling that Bonita Springs, FL, homeowners can rely on.

Our experienced technicians have the skills and knowledge to handle every repair job, no matter how large or small. We finish installations and repairs with excellent craftsmanship to keep your system running reliably. Unique Services is proud of the reputation we’ve developed for our emphasis on satisfying customers with a trained eye for plumbing and HVAC details.

We offer a complete line of services to help keep your abode warm during winter and cool during summer. Unique Services technicians follow industry best practices and are familiar with all HVAC models and manufacturers, so we can address repairs as well as advise you on installing a new system.

You can also count on us to provide the best plumbing Bonita Springs has to offer. We take care of it all, from blocked sewers to leaks and clogged toilets.

Customers will be glad to know we put a premium on your satisfaction. With outstanding HVAC and plumbing installation and repairs, fast service, and clear communication, you’ll be in good hands.

We know how plumbing and HVAC problems can disrupt your family’s routine, so we’ll work to book an appointment that fits your schedule. Our experts will diagnose your home’s HVAC or plumbing issues and devise a repair or installation plan just for you, so you’ll have an efficient system. You can count on Unique Services to look after your Bonita Springs home’s plumbing and HVAC equipment.

How Bonita Springs’ Climate Affects Plumbing and Heating

The thermometer hits temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit about 107 days every year in Bonita Springs, which can cause problems for the plumbing and HVAC system in your home. Bonita Springs is characterized as having a subtropical climate, with fairly moderate winters, while the scorching summertime tends to be quite humid. Residents find Bonita Springs to be most comfortable from December through March.

High humidity between April and November makes your air conditioner work much harder to keep up with demand. Extra work leads to higher energy bills and may cause the system to malfunction or even break down. You’ll want to hire an expert from Unique Services to check your HVAC equipment. We’ll advise you on how to deal with high humidity and heat while operating the system as efficiently as possible.

Tropical storms and thunderstorms occurring near the end of summer into the beginning of autumn can have an impact on your home’s plumbing system.

Stress from water levels fluctuating during heavy rain leads to:

  • Burst pipes
  • Clogs
  • Leaks

Don’t attempt DIY fixes. Plumbing problems require expert experience and knowledge to sort out.

We serve the entire area, including nearby Citrus Park, Meadowbrook, Pelican Landing, Spring Creek Village, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can homeowners do their own AC repairs?

We admire the do-it-yourself spirit, but only a qualified, trained HVAC technician should fix AC equipment. Complicated AC systems demand attention from professionals who have years of experience and training, with qualified technicians who carry all the right tools and gears in the service vehicle. DIY repairs can make the problem worse and costlier to take care of.

When do we need to arrange air conditioning maintenance for our home?

Schedule air conditioning service once annually, at minimum. Our experts may advise you to request service calls more frequently, depending on the age and condition of your system.

Maintenance, which helps keep your system running longer and more efficiently, includes:

  • Verifying the system is working at peak condition
  • Cleaning components
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Checking refrigerant levels

What are the main indications I need air conditioning repair?

  • Inconsistent airflow
  • Weird odors
  • Strange noises
  • Air is warm out of the vents

These are examples of potential problems with the refrigerant being low, or a fan or compressor being broken, which you’ll need to hire a Unique Services technician to diagnose and repair.

What’s your opinion on using over-the-counter drain cleaners?

OTC drain cleaners may give your plumbing a temporary solution for small clogs, but the caustic chemicals they often include tend to degrade a home’s plumbing system.

Store-bought drain cleaners may not free up heavy clogs, and they don’t take care of the fundamental problem. Unique Services plumbers use sophisticated gear and the latest methods to identify clogs and other problems to address plumbing issues safely and efficiently.

Why is my AC not providing consistent cooling?

  • Leaking ducts
  • Air filters are clogged
  • System not correctly sized for the home
  • Vents are blocked

We’ll inspect and diagnose your system and then recommend any needed repairs or upgrades, from sealing leaks, swapping out filters, or changing the balance of airflow for more even cooling in the house. For air conditioning repair Bonita Springs, FL residents know they can trust, get in touch with Unique Services today!

Can homeowners handle DIY plumbing repairs?

Generally, the answer is no. The complex nature of the valves, pipes, and fixtures makes a home’s plumbing system difficult for anyone but experts to inspect and diagnose.

We are standing by to address problems ranging from sewer clogs to leaking pipes or toilets that never stop running. If you try do-it-yourself repairs, you may worsen the plumbing issue.