Looking for dependable and affordable service from a Fort Myers, FL air conditioning contractor? We know how upsetting it can be to walk into your home or place of work on a hot summer day only to be greeted by oppressive heat instead of cool air conditioning.

You’ll be pleased to know that our HVAC services experts are standing by to help. We’re here for the long haul. Since 1951, Unique Services has been providing the best air conditioning repair Fort Myers has to offer. If your AC system is malfunctioning, contact us without delay for service.


Business owners and homeowners in southwest Florida who run into problems with their AC units are sometimes tempted to make the needed repairs on their own.

However, in our decades of fielding service call requests, after people attempt to do this kind of work without professional training or certification, we have to counsel customers to hire experts for all air conditioning repair projects. Unique Services is proud to offer reliable AC repair in Fort Myers, FL.

Here are some chief benefits of working with professionals instead of trying to go the do-it-yourself route:

  • Unique Services HVAC professionals have air conditioning parts and tools needed for the job. They shouldn’t have to interrupt work to get supplies, which you might need to do on a DIY project.
  • We follow AC industry best practices. Each of our technicians is fully trained and certified. They also receive ongoing education on the latest air conditioning systems, so you can hire us in confidence.
  • Hiring trained professionals is usually required in order to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. A business owner or homeowner without certification to do AC repairs could inadvertently damage the equipment.
  • With our AC service technicians on the job, you can count on the work being done on time and according to the agreed price before work begins. No surprises!
  • We will keep your system clean, so it works more efficiently. Often, when Unique Services comes to a business or residence for AC repairs, we need to clean the coils and other components, so the system can run at peak capacity.

Based on our commitment to providing trustworthy services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ll be in good hands when you hire Unique Services to solve your air conditioning problem.


You don’t have to spend much time in Florida to observe that this part of the country has more than its fair share of heat and humidity. Indeed, Florida is classified as being a humid, subtropical environment. People here anticipate quite a bit of moisture between May and October, the main rainy season.

Humidity can take its toll on individuals, making them feel uncomfortable if they cannot find relief from the heat and muggy sensations. That’s not good for business, nor keeping customers and employees happy. If the HVAC system isn’t working effectively at home, high humidity can tend to make Florida’s families uncomfortable.

Cranking up the AC to cool your home or workplace helps make humidity levels plunge to a more tolerable level. So, having a well-maintained and properly functioning air conditioning unit should be a top priority for any homeowner or business owner in Florida.

With Unique Services, you should receive quality air conditioner repairs or AC replacement in Fort Myers, whether you’re a homeowners or commercial entity.


At Unique Services, we hire only the most talented HVAC technicians. For your peace of mind, we drug-test and background-check every member of our air conditioning repair team. What’s more, we treat our customers’ homes and places of business with the utmost respect.

Every member of our team recognizes the importance of following industry best practices. We offer the air conditioning repair service residents need to stay cool and comfortable all year round.

Our exceptional service guarantee ensures that you will be satisfied with the work we do. If you are unhappy in any way within the first year of the invoice, we will strive to fulfill your expectations or cheerfully provide a refund.

For more information about our air conditioning repair company, or to schedule an appointment for service, please contact us today.

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