Air Duct Cleaning

Even in a clean home, air ducts can be the perfect hiding place for dust mites, and other allergens. Dust, debris, and pollen can accumulate in the air ducts in your heating and cooling systems. As the system circulates air throughout your home or business, the dust becomes airborne, triggering your allergies and causing unexplained symptoms such as coughing or congestion. Unique Services can rid your Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa or Ft. Myers, FL home or office of these contaminants through air duct cleaning services.

During Air Duct Cleaning, Where Do The Contaminants Go? Will My Home Need Cleaning Afterward?

The skilled technicians at Unique Services go to great lengths to eliminate the inconvenience of having to clean your home after an air duct cleaning. Our specialized vacuum system extracts contaminants from your ducts quickly and effectively, so you will never have to encounter that debris. We wear protective coverings when inside your home or business to avoid tracking dirt and debris inside.

What Should I Expect During My Air Duct Cleaning?

On appointment day, our skilled technicians will arrive on time for your air duct cleaning. We open all ports and access doors into your home or building’s ductwork to inspect and clean the entire system. Our portable high-power vacuum removes dirt and dust particles from your air ducts. After the extraction, we use a special brush to remove additional debris that may be stuck to the walls inside your ductwork and vacuum out these contaminants. When cleaning is complete, we will close and seal the access doors and ports into your duct system.

Expect a Unique Experience with Unique Services

Unique Services has been serving Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa and Ft. Myers, FL homeowners and businesses for over 60 years. Recognized for excellence in customer service, Unique Air’s award-winning experts are specially trained and licensed to care for your entire property, providing prompt and courteous service along the way.